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One Piece Chapter 949 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 949 Spoilers 

Quick Summary - One Piece Chapter 949 Spoilers:

• On the Cover of the jump we have Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin and 'Half Luffy' with his clothes from Wanokuni. The cover of the next jump will be the second part of the ilustration
summer spread color

• The whole chapter takes place in Udon

• Luffy and O-Tama are reunited

From @Vegapank

Spoilers :
- color spread is about straw hats inside swimming pool with big gorila

More spoilers:
- Luffy with others are beating the beasts pirate

- kid and killer are seeing the fighting

- The scorpion jailers uses plague bullet

- luffy try to grab infected people then he got infected

- Luffy grabs the infected people and threw them away

- The scorpion uses chemical capsule

- The elephant jailer tries to throw capsule 200 through the elephant

- Luffy roped the elephant then it exploded inside the elephant

- Luffy command the prisoners to attack the scorpion

- Then luffy dominant the prison

Detailed Summary - One Piece Chapter 949 Spoilers::

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