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CONFIRMED! 'Jack' Beast Pirates Is A Fish Man!

The latest fact regarding Jack (jack the drought) has finally been revealed at Vivre Card Databook 'Warriors of Nature! Mink Tribe from Mokomo Dukedom !!'
Jack One Piece is a fish man
Jack is 28 years old (8 during kaido's takeover of Wano), his height is 8.30 m (22'4''),  blood type is F, he is from Grand Line, and his favorit food is meat steak.

Jack is confirmed to be a full fishman (not half human), being a brindlebass fishman. Because of this, even when falling into the water, while not being able to move due to his devil fruit, he's still able to breathe. 

being a full fish man would imply that he's not a biological brother of King and Queen (unless they're also fishmen somehow), perhaps being sworn brothers like Sabo, Ace, and Luffy or some other type of relationship (still, this is just assuming by his race, we don't know anything official so far so take it with a grain of salt).

Other fact about Jack and his devil fruit:

His full devil fruit name is revealed (while it was obvious, it had never been quite confirmed before), being the Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth, an Ancient Zoan.

A mere swing of his mammoth trunk is capable of wiping away entire structures and killing several people, making it quite deadly for mass destruction.

At some point, Jack joined the Beasts Pirates and a latter point, he was eventually promoted to All-Star. This seems to imply he didn't found the crew with Kaido or something among those lines, though he was present 20 years ago at Wano when he was only 8 years old oddly enough.

Jack is responsible for bringing down settlements and terrorizing citizents when the crew requires it. However, despite appearing as such a ruthless person, Jack is actually quiet and reserved due to the constant abuse by his older brothers King and Queen, as well as Kaido, making him submissive and afraid of them.

No haki is listed for jack in this vivre card, so it's unknown if he does passess it (it's simply not listed here, but since characters like Inuarashi and Pedro had it confirmed, I'm surprised Jack's haki section is left empty)

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