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Boruto Episode 116, 117, and 118: Spoilers And Release Schedule

This time, we will inform you about Boruto Episode 116, 117, and 118 spoilers and release schedule.
Boruto Episode 116, 117, and 118: Spoilers And Release Schedule
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Boruto episodes 116, 117 and 118 will be presented again with the story of 'filler' which is certainly quite entertaining later.

Without talking much more, here's the information about the spoilers and release schedule of Boruto episode 116, 117, and 118.

Boruto Episode 116, 117, and 118: Spoilers And Release Schedule

Boruto Episode 116 Spoilers: 'Konohamaru and Lemon'

Konohamaru saves lemon from someone who's been following her! Boruto and konohamaru help someone named Lemon, who's visiting Konohagakure Village to do some sightseeing. 

Lemon says, "I want thank you for helping me", but Konohamaru dismisses it!?

Volunteering tourism guidance about the village!

Both Boruto and Konohamaru Show off the village's tourist attractions to a naive / innocent Lemon as they escort her around the village!

Boruto Episode 116: Release Date

Boruto Episode 116 will be released on July 21, 2019.

Boruto Episode 117 Spoilers: 'Lemon's Secret'

Boruto and Konohamaru visit the village where Lemon resides. 

Despite the fact that the two of them showed her around Konohagakure village just a few days ago, they are bewildered by Lemon's circumtances and appearance - which have suddenly changed. 

Actually, Lemon is a descendent of a clant that has protected the village for generations from a monster called the 'Souma'. (* The kanji combo literally means 'Running Horse'). 

Because of her position, she cannot simply go outside of the village. In addition, soon there will be an important ceremony to prepare for. Because of the event, Lemon will be in attendance together with her childhood friend, Akitsuki Kankitsu.

However, she also gets locked up in a room so that she cannot meet with anyone else. Boruto and Konohamaru are unable to remain impartial to the situation, and think about how the can rescue Lemon somehow.

Boruto Episode 117: Release Date
Boruto Episode 117 will be released on July 28, 2019.

Boruto Episode 118 Spoilers: 'The One that Acquires Memories'

In order to recue Lemon, Konohamaru investigated about Kankitsu. However, he gets detained by everyone in the village, and is then forced to turned back to Konohagakure village. 

Boruto had taken a different course of action than Konohamaru: He observes Kankitsu being all alone - seemingly as if nothing had happened - and has a bad feeling about it (senses an unpleasant premonition).

He secretly continues to observe the situation. Then, right in front of Boruto's eyes, something astonishing happens.

Boruto Episode 118: Release Date
Boruto Episode 118 will be release on August 4, 2019.

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