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7 Minimalist Bookshelf Design Inspirations

When discussing how we present the order of our books, bookshelves have always attracted the attention of many people because the design and appeal of minimalist bookshelves has increased over the past few years.

This time, we decided to show you that modern minimalist bookshelves with unique designs have more to offer than just storing your books in the usual place.

Here's 7 Minimalist Bookshelf Design Inspirations:

1) Corner Bookshelf

Corner Bookshelf
Corner bookshelves are one of the simplest but most useful designs on bookshelves. It is placed in the corner of the room, so that the inaccessible parts are utilized properly. In addition, when placed in a corner, delicate and fragile works of art and decorations are well protected and kept away from accidents and damage.

2) Barrister Bookshelf

Barrister Bookshelf
This is the type of minimalist bookshelf that you find in the office of any reputable lawyer. They are designed to store tomes and journals about Law and Court decisions. They are built strong and sturdy and have translucent glass doors with wooden frames.

3) Sloping Stairs Bookshelf 

Sloping Stairs Bookshelf
Book order with a sloping staircase design is generally made of metal so that it is sturdy and if it is propped against a wall at an angle, it can stand up and support the book.

This bookshelf with stairs is one of the most contemporary bookshelves and is loved in this period. Because the shape is intended to lean, the frame of the bookshelf might look slanted, however, the shelves are kept horizontally.

4) Industrial Bookshelf

Industrial Bookshelf
Industrial bookshelves give the look and feel as if someone is inside a factory. Metal frames or thick heavy industrial channels.

Sometimes even steel pipes can be used in conjunction with industrial corner joints or pipe-style fittings.

It has a unique period and place appearance, which is a mixture of masculine and tough as well as a minimalist bookshelf concept. This ancient-looking shelf will be a conversation and attract attention for sure.

5) Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelf
This bookshelf makes books look like they are hanging in the air! As the name suggests, the shelves are not visible, supported by thin metal strips that screw directly into the wall. Flipside cannot be used for excessive loads, so put the book on this shelf just like that

6) Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf
Bookshelves are shaped like trees, the shape of tree trunks forms vertical support and branches function as a shelf for storing books. This gives the feeling of being outdoors in the park.

7) Cube Bookshelf

Cube Bookshelf
Cube cube bookshelf, which means having the same height and breadth. One can have a bigger shelf consisting of several columns of cubes.

As shown in the picture, Cube bookshelf has 9 columns, each of which you can decorate with other supporting properties.

From the 7 recommendations for bookshelf design inspiration above, which do you like the most?

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