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5 Simple Minimalist Bedroom Designs For Teenagers

Having a child who has grown up is a bit troublesome. Especially when they already have the taste to choose something they like.

Therefore, adjusting to their age, the role of parents is very important in directing and choosing something for children who are entering their teens, especially the minimalist bedroom designs they like. This time we will provide recommendations for 5 Minimalist Bedroom Designs for teenagers.

Here 5 Simple Minimalist Bedroom Designs For Teenagers:

1. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Teenagers| Based Movie that They Like

Minimalist Bedroom Designs | Based Movie That They Like
you can decorate your teenager's room by knowing what they likes. for example, movies, music, or something else. If your teen likes movies, for example "Harry Potter", you can decorate a room like a witch or you can give a dark look and put the text of Harry Potter in their room.

2. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Teenagers | White Color Combined With Patterns

Minimalist Bedroom Designs | White Color Combined With Patterns
For young girls, you can apply something bright and clean. You can apply feminine colors in his room, or you can paint the walls with white combined with the right pattern for her. Don't forget to add other minimalist properties to make a beautiful impression on it.

3. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Tenageers| Wood Shades

Minimalist Bedroom Designs | Wood Shades
This room is quite unique and interesting. This room is suitable for use by young women and men alike. The wood display makes a natural impression, supported by glass windows that show a view outside that is quite amazing. For the night, you may need to use a curtain to close the window if your teenager is afraid of the night view outside.

4. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Teenagers| Bird Nest Mattress

Minimalist Bedroom Designs | Bird Nest Mattress
Want something different? You can replace your teen's mattress with a mattress that resembles a bird's nest. This mattress has a very unique design, and is certainly very comfortable when you or your teenager sleeps there.

for filling on the bed, you can put a lot of pillows there. or just a few pillows if you want a simpler design.

5. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Teenagers | Wild & Free!

Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Teenagers | Wild & Free!
Create a young, free and wild atmosphere for your teenager's room, especially for boys. Usually the boys' room is always a mess, you can add certain properties to put items such as shoes, clothes and more, to make them more neat, minimalist and modern.

Well, there are 5 recommendations from us, hopefully it can be a good reference, and the rest you can improvise yourself so that your teenager's room is more interesting and nice to look at.

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