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One Piece Chapter 947 Spoilers: Queen’s Gamble

One Piece Chapter 947 Spoilers: Queen’s Gamble

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From @EtenBoby
947 Queen’s Gamble

Luffy used the technique that was definitely used that Rayleigh back then, but he was so desperate during the process he couldn’t remember how exactly he was able to do it.
But what he just used surpasses the Ryuo that Grandpa Hyo was trying to taught him, if he could completely master it he’ll be able to save themselves from Big Mom’s punch.

Luffy and Grandpa Hyo were blown away when they try it for the second time and failed, Grandpa Hyo is fine because he was guarding with Ryuo.
Ryuo, or Haki, is an invisible armor that you can use for both defense and offense, but if you take it a stage farther, the Haki will become a power so great that it can reach the interior of the opponent’s body and destroy them from within.
Even though Luffy destroyed the collars from within unconsciously, but it’s good enough, after saying that Grandpa Hyo fall to the ground...
Or so we thought, but he still has enough strength to dodge Big Mom’s attack and leave the rest to Luffy.

While chasing Luffy, Big Mom destroys the prisoner ironworks and head towards the melting furnace. If Queen couldn’t stop her, of course the others wouldn’t be able to as well.
After regaining his consciousness, Queen has an idea and give out instructions to his subordinates.

If you head in a straight direction in Udon, you would definitely ended up coming back, when Big Mom actually came back,
Queen uses oshiruko as a bait in the sky and attacks her with Brachio Bombs which exploded on her head.

The impact help her regains her memories, and became very energetic.
Queen and the others thought they were doomed but she fall asleep.
Taking this opportunity, Queen orders to tie her up with 100% pure seastone chain, which they wrap around her body 100 times, then hit her with 100% animal anesthesia.
Aside from the minimum amount of guards, all of them needs to get on a boat and escort Big Mom to Onigashima before she wakes up.

After Queen and his subordinates left, Babanuki is in charge of Udon.
Udon is completely cut off from the rest of the world because of the smail situation.
Luffy starts rampaging since there’s no more opponents.

Detailed Summary - One Piece Chapter 947 Spoilers

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