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Violet Evergarden (2020) Reveal Key Visual, Trailer and Release Date

UPDATIFY NETWORK - In 2018, Violet Evergarden gets quite a lot of followers after being streamed on Netflix.

In addition, after the announcement of the film some time ago, it has now been announced that the film is entirely the original film a.k.a Movie not an episode anymore. The Violet Evergarden film will open in Japanese theaters on January 10, 2020.

The first trailer has also been released along with visual information and main general info about the players and staff.
Visual Violet Evergarden (2020)

Trailer Violet Evergarden (2020):

Description in Violet Evergarden (2020) Trailer:
Time had passed. Gas lights turned into electric lamps. Messages were now expressed through the telephone. A lot has changed. But there are also things that do not change. Like her feelings, toward a certain man. A feeling that can be called as "love". And her name is...Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden Movie Cast (2020)
Violet Evergarden: Yui Ishikawa
Gilbert Bougainvillea: Daisuke Namikawa

Violet Evergarden Film Staff (2020)
Original Works:
Director: Taichi Ishidate
Script: Reiko Yoshida
Character Design: Akiko Takase
World Setting: Takaaki Suzuki
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe
3D Art: Joji Unoguchi
Color Settings: Yuka Yoneda
Acessory Settings: Hiroyuki Takahashi
Director of Photography: Kohei Funamoto
3D Director: Mr. Yamamoto
Voice Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Music: Evan's call
Animation Production: Kyoto Animation

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