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Samurai 8 Chapter 2 Spoilers: A New Life!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Samurai 8: Hachimaruden is the latest manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto (As the creator of the Naruto Manga) that was worked on together with the help of Akira Okubo.

Recently, the Samurai 8: Hachimaruden chapter 2 Spoilers has been released, Here's the information about the Samurai 8: Hachimaruden chapter 2 spoilers:

Samurai 8 Chapter 2 Spoilers

Hachimaru had eight Takoyaki as breakfast, this is the first time he had something aside of the usual sick fluid. He had his first walk outside, first "flying" experience, first friend. The players he knew from the game also address him as his friend.

Someone that can fly (Presumeably Hachi) got hit by some stray bullet and falls into the house of an unsure gender character.

The character is as of now unsure of his/her gender, no name. The only friend the character has is his/her own hands. He/She has not left the house for eight years, and has been only playing game in the house. And is ranked number 2 in the planet's game.

In addition, Hachimaruden chapter 2 will also get a Color Spread, it is not yet known how many color spread will be displayed, but here's the leaks of color spread  for Samurai 8: Hachimaruden that has come out:
Samurai 8: Hachimaruden Chapter 2 - Color Spread

Samurai 8: Hachimaruden Chapter 2: Official Release Date and Raw Scans

Based from trusted source, Manga Plus (12/5) Samurai 8: Hachimaruden chapter 2 will be officially released on May 19, 2019 (but usually will come out on May 20, 2019).

Samurai 8: Hachimaruden chapter 2 Scans is likely to be released on May 17 2019. For the spoilers themselves, it has been released today on May 16, 2019.

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