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Manga "Val x Love" Gets TV Anime Adaptation

UPDATIFY NETWORK - The June issue of Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine revealed on Saturday that the Val x Love (Ikusa x Koi) manga by Ryousuke Asakura will receive a television anime adaptation. The official website for anime also launches and reveals a visual teaser.
Manga "Val x Love" Gets TV Anime Adaptation
Yen Press also published manga in English, and released the fifth volume on February 19, 2019. Description of the first volume of Anime according to the Company:

Gotta flirt to save the world!!
High schooler Takuma Akutsu is terrified of human contact and just wants to live a quite life. Too bad he doesn't have a choice in the matter when nine Valkyrie sisters come barging into his home! They've tasked him with raising their level to fight off the monsters threatening humanity--and how will he do that, exactly...? By gettin' down & dirty to the max!!!
Manga "Val x Love" Gets TV Anime Adaptation
Asakura launched the manga in the magazine in December 2015, and the volume of the seventh compiled book was sent on Saturday. This manga has 450,000 copies in the printed version.

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