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Heisei Era Ends, Luffy Welcomes Reiwa Era!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - May 1 is usually celebrated as May Day or World Labor Day. However, for Japanese people, that date is also a big moment. Akihito's downfall as the Emperor of Japan signaled the turn of an era from Heisei which changed to the era of the Reiwa.
Heisei Era Ends, Luffy Welcomes Reiwa Era!
Not to be outdone, the One Piece franchise series also celebrates the turn of the Heisei era. Luffy as a new generation Pirate who was also labeled "Worst Generation" did not remain silent and helped enliven the first trip of the Reiwa era.

As quoted by Crunchyroll, via the official Japanese Twitter account (@TwitterJP), Luffy came in the form of a GIF with his "Wano Country" arc costume. The post was also accompanied by an article from @Eiichiro_staff who stated that Luffy's extraordinary journey would certainly continue in the Reiwa era.
@Eiichiro_staff as the official Twitter account of the One Piece manga also enlivened this great moment. The account posted a greeting to the Reiwa era written in Japanese, English and French. All staff working also expressed their joy to continue Luffy's journey with fans in the Reiwa era. one piece, japan, anime.
Not only that, Tokyo One Piece Tower, the first amusement park dedicated to the One Piece franchise, also congratulated the success of the Heisei era. Uploaded via their Twitter account @mugistore_TOPT, the message was written in Japanese and English.
In addition, the Tokyo One Piece Tower is also holding a special exhibition entitled "Cruise History". The exhibition was created specifically to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime series. Curious about what excitement is like? Here's the press tour video, let's see!
A little information, when the Heisei era ended, the One Piece manga series was chosen as the most popular manga of the period. That is the reason why Luffy's figure was chosen and appeared on Japan's official Twitter account to represent a farewell to the Heisei era. And it looks like this one pirate isn't satisfied.

The captain of the Straw Hat crew plans to keep shining and return to being the best in the Reiwa era. Of course, Eiichiro Oda will mobilize all his strength to accompany him while bringing Luffy back to being the best in the new era this time and certainly becoming the pirate king in the One Piece universe.

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