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End of Attack on Titan's Story Will Be Revealed in a Special Event

UPATIFY NETWORK - Finally, it has been 10 years since Hajime Isayama accompanied us with his first work entitled Attack on Titan. Presenting themes and plots that are quite unique, the manga successfully captivated the readers. Unfortunately, soon we have to say farewell to one of these favorite Japanese shonen series.

Quoted from the Comic Book, fans in Japan can witness the end of Attack on Titan through a special exhibition titled "Attack on Titan FINAL" which will take place in Roppongi, Japan. The exhibition is divided into two parts which last from July 8 to August 4 and August 5 to September 8.
Regarding how the ending will be revealed is still unclear. However, there are allegations that the ending will be presented in audio form. Surely not a few fans speculate about the ending of Attack on Titan. Especially seeing the current series of stories.

A little information, Hajime Isayama himself was quite open about his plan to end his first work. This was leaked through a short video showing Isayama while drawing the last panel for his manga.
In the video, there is a final panel image that shows an adult male figure with slightly long hair who is hugging a baby. In the picture, there is an article that if translated means "you are free". Although there is no clear context, fans, especially on social media, constantly make theories about the context of the panel.

Through the last few chapters, the serial manga Attack on Titan has entered the final arc. After an all-out war to regain the city of Shiganshina, the Scouts Regiment brought the Paradis to a more modern era, while Eren Jaeger infiltrated Marley alone.

Eren also rioted in the city and managed to get the power of the War Hammer Titan, although with the consequence of losing Sasha when she was about to return to Paradis. From there it appears a clearer main conflict where the battle that occurred is not a human being against Titan. Rather, humans fight humans, the Eldians and the Marleys.
End of Attack on Titan's Story Will Be Revealed in a Special Event
Attack on Titan a.k.a Shingeki no Kyojin is the first work written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. First serialized by Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen magazine, this series has been collected to 28 volumes in April 2019. Not only that, the comics themselves have surpassed the total copy of 90 million copies spread internationally.

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