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Boruto Episode 106: Spoiler and Release Date

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Boruto will soon enter Episode 106. In episode 106, Anime Boruto will adapt from Naruto's novel.

The Naruto novel that will be adapted is titled "Naruto: Konoha Shinden: Yukemuri Ninpōchõ" which will begin airing on May 12, 2019. Here's the cover of the Naruto Novel: Konoha Shinden: Yukemuri Ninpōchõ:

Boruto Episode 106: Release Date

Boruto Episode 106 will be officially released and aired on May 12, 2019 with the title "Mission S Rank !!"

Boruto Episode 106 Spoilers

In the Episode it tells about the daughter of Asuma and Kurenai namely Sarutobi Mirai will appear in the story of Boruto Episode 106!

Sarutobi Mirai is a cousin of Knohamaru. She will depart to carry out an S level mission! Although the real goal is to look after Kakashi and Guy on the way to the hot spring.

Just like in Novels, Anime will have three protagonists, Guy, Kakashi, and Mirai (Asuma and Kurenai's daughter) and take place in a hot spring.

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