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Boruto Episode 105: Release Date And Spoilers

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Boruto Episode 104 previously (28/04/2019) was titled "A Small Occupant on Earth" which tells about Boruto and his friends from Team 7 who are helping to capture an unknown jewel thief.
Boruto Episode 105: Release Date And Spoilers
They tried hard to track down the whereabouts of thieves, however, they almost completely lost criminals. But then, a cat appeared before their eyes. The cat looks very small, and the cat seems to be in a state of fear.
After thinking about it for a while. Team member 7, Mitsuki decided to take care of the cat. Initially, Mitsuki did not know what to do. However, he finally gave him a name and a strategy to take care of it in various ways.

Episode 104 was really very interesting. But, Boruto Episode 105 will be more interesting. Let's discuss the upcoming boruto episode 105.

Boruto Episode 105 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 105 will be titled "opening an emotional scar". The Episode will show you that Mitsuki who complained about his deteriorating body condition, and appeared in Orochimaru's research laboratory.

Orochimaru and the older brother clone Mitsuki, namely Log, heard the story from Mitsuki. And then, they will try to find out the root cause of his worsening condition.

According to Mitsuki's story, every time he fell asleep, he never dreamed. But lately, it seems like he has started to dream often. After hearing the discussion, Orochimaru considered something.

The experience until now seems to have left some kind of impression on Mitsuki's heart and mind. What's more, those influences seem to have affected his body and health.

Episode Director: Shigeki Awai[粟井重紀]
Storyboard: Yūta Suzuki[鈴木佑太]
Animation Supervisor: Namu Animation
Chief Animation Supervisor: Ichiro Uno[夘野一郎]
Script: Hideto Tanaka[田中秀人]

Boruto Episode 105: Release Date

Boruto Episode 105 will be released on May 5, 2019. Fans can watch it through official streaming sites or other alternative sites.

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