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Douglas Bullet, Former Crew of the Legendary Pirates: Roger Pirates!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece Film: Stampede is a film that is highly anticipated by One Piece fans all over the world.
Douglas Bullet VS Monkey D. Luffy
One Piece film: Stampede is likely to be the best and biggest film from previous films. Even Eiichiro Oda also gave positive comments about this film.

The first Teaser Trailer of One Piece Film: Stampede was announced on December 11, 2018 which revealed the release date of the film: August 9, 2019.

While the second Teaser trailer of the One Piece film: Stampede was announced on February 20, 2019 which revealed about several characters such as Douglas Bullet, Buena Festa, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Buggy, Alvida, Smoker, Tashigi and others.

Douglas Bullet - Character of One Piece Film: Stampede

Talk about characters in One Piece Film: Stamepede, it turns out that Douglas Bullet is a former Pirate of the famous Pirate Roger Pirates (Roger Pirates / The Pirate King). he seems to be the antagonist character in One Piece film: this Stampede together with Buena Festa.

Douglas Bullet will first appear in One Piece Film: Stampede. yes, this will be the first time. For a while the character is still a Non Canon character, but it is possible that Eiichiro Oda made him a Canon character. on the other hand, the story remains Non Canon.

Douglas Bullet's appearance

Douglas Bullet's appearance
Douglas Bullet looks fierce and strong. he has long hair and wears earplugs. he seemed to be wearing a special uniform. on the left, there is a logo with the initials "GF". besides, it also has many ranks of emblems.

Theories about Douglas Bullet 

Some fans finally began theorizing about the origins of Douglas Bullet and why he could join Roger Pirates, but the theory that was in the spotlight this time was a theory about himself and his relationship with Germa.

One of the fans assumed that Douglas Bullet had a relationship with Germa 66, it was seen from the earplugs he wore, at a glance like those of the Germa family, as well as the initials "GF" on his left arm which might mean "Germa Family"

on the other hand, some assume that Douglas Bullet is from Impel Down. However, all these theories and assumptions are mere theories. not yet proven.

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