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Boruto Release Schedule Episodes 98, 99, 100, and 101

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Reported from @OrganicDinosaur (03/08/2019) After a long wait, finally the latest release schedule from Boruto Episode 98, 99, 100 and 101 has officially come out and is mandatory for fans to look forward to.
The anime schedule not only displays the release date, but also each title and synopsis. the story is of course also more interesting. 

Next is Boruto Release Schedule Episodes 98, 99, 100 and 101 that we have summarized for fans all:

Boruto Episode 98

Boruto Episode 98 will be titled "Damned Forest"

Release Date: "March 17, 2019"

Synopsis: In a village on the edge of Hi No Kuni, there is an incident where villagers are attacked by wild birds.

Team 7 and Team 15 join in the mission to 'Investigate and resolve damage from wildlife' and they go to the village on orders from their clients.

They Face the Bird Specialist, They Face a Monster in this Mission.

Boruto Episode 99

Boruto Episode 99 will be titled "Jugo and Seal of Curses"

Release Date: "March 24, 2019"

Synopsis: Boruto And Sarada Meet Jugo In Mysterious Bird Search, But When That Jugo Is In The Effect Of Curse Seals And Turns Into A Monster, Curse Seals Are One Of Orochimaru's Research Materials But That Gains Strength And Receives Instincts Of Living Creatures, Jugo Is Someone Who Has That Ability From Birth.

When Loss of Control, Jugo Starts Attacking And Boruto And His Friends Are Urged Even though He Will Get Help From His Friends, Will He Be Able To Survive Jugo's Tantrum !?

Boruto Episode 100

Boruto Episode 100 will be titled "Establishing the Path"

Release Date: "March 31, 2019"

Synopsis: Causes Still Unknown, But They Successfully Found Birds Under the Control of Curse Seals.

Boruto and friends from Team 7 with Tosaka: They Run Chasing Jugo That Can Absorb the Power of Curse Seals

After that, Boruto and his friends save birds by using sedative drugs so they will also not be controlled by a curse seal.

However, an incident occurred when they lost all the sedative drugs.

Boruto Episode 101

Boruto Episode 101 will be titled "Jugo Help"

Release Date: "April 7, 2019"

Synopsis: Same as Boruto and his friends The investigation team from the State of Water is studying the ferocious birds because of the curse seal.

Jugo, captured by them, for not increasing damage. The Power of Jugo Still Needed Although Attractive To Be Investigated By Water Countries, They Are Treated By Dirty Way.

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