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One Piece Chapter 935: Release Date (Spoiler, Manga Scans, Official Release)

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Finally One Piece has been released again and gives fans amazing and surprising stories (02/24/2019).
One Piece Chapter 935: Release Date (Spoiler, Manga Scans, Official Release)
As fans had known before, Team Nami with Kanjuro, Robin, Brook, and Shinobu managed to escape from Oden castle, and now they are hiding at the Nothern Graveyard, Wano.

The Trafalgar D. Water Law team with Sanji, Usopp, and Franky also seemed to have gathered somewhere. and the annoying fact is that Sanji's fight and Page One is Skipped.

On the other hand, Tim Chopper with O-kiku, Momonosuke, O-sama and Big Mom seem to be on their way to Udon to help Luffy. They drive a Crocoshark that Big Mom has tamed, it looks like the crocoshark has a bruise in the form of a lump on its head.

Besides that, finally there's confirmation about the status of the Big Mom Crew. They "confirmed" as safe! they seem to be looking for a Big Mom using a Vivre Card.

At the End of Chapter, Queen Arrives at Prisoner Mine, and of course this will be troublesome for Luffy later. But it's possible at the right time Tim Chopper arrived there and helped, but other possibilities could occur.

Break Info from the previous Chapter

Really a very interesting chapter! Besides the good news, yesterday's One Piece Chapter 934 also brought bad news. One piece chapter 934 yesterday informed about one piece holiday, so at the end of February 2019, fans will not get the latest chapter.

But don't worry, here we inform you about the date of the One Piece Chapter 935 release that we summarized in such a way from the manga scans release date, the official release date to the spoiler release date, look carefully!

One Piece Chapter 935: Raw Scans / Manga Scans Release Date and Official Releases

Based on information from Viz and Manga Plus (2/24/2019) One Piece Chapter 935 will be officially released on March 10, 2019. So for One Piece Chapter 935 Manga Scans is likely to be released on 7/8 March 2019.

One Piece Chapter 935: Release Date Spoiler

as usual, the spoiler will come out early before the Manga Scans come out. So, the One Piece Spoiler chapter 935 is likely to come out on 7/7 March 2019.

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