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One Piece Chapter 932: New Alliance! Big Mom !?

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece has entered an interesting point. unexpected thing happened in One Piece Chapter 932.
One Piece Chapter 932: Big Mom becomes part of alliance!
As you know before, in the chapter's final panel, we are finally shown a giant figure stranded on Kuri's beach. after a closer look, it turns out that a giant figure is a BIG MOM!

Big mom was found stranded on the beach by Chopper, O-kiku, O-tama and Momonosuke. after the Big Mom realized, big mom asked a strange question, "Where am I?" "Who.. am I?"

this made the shocked Chopper become even more surprised! Too bad after that chapter ends before we know the continuation.

but after finding Big Mom in such a state of memory loss, One Piece Fans begins to assume and make new predictions. they argue that Big Mom will be part of the Alliance. She will also become the strongest reinforcement later.

One Piece Chapter 932: New Alliance! Big Mom !?

Yaps! as fans have predicted, Big Mom is likely to become a new reinforcement aka part of an unexpected alliance. with the presence of Big Mom at Wano, it will facilitate the alliance in overthrowing Kaido.
Big Mom found by Chopper
Big Mom is one of the Yonkou (Emperor), who has now lost her memory due to the sudden attack of King The Wildfire which made her fall into the sea and stranded on Kuri's beach.

so in this case, her presence would be a great strength for the alliance later considering she did not know who she was now. maybe Chopper will lie on her a little.

besides, it seems that Big Mom's kids are also separated from her. it seems like they were stranded somewhere else.

Anyway, actually the alliance of Straw Hat Pirates and Big Mom Groups has been hinted since a long time ago,

You must remember on Thriller Bark. first, "Lola" (one of Big Mom's children) had fought along with the Straw Hat Pirates at Thriller Bark in overthrowing Gecko Moria. 

and maybe in this case, this is the "Foreshadow" that Oda has made and prepared for us all. so, all this has been signaled and planned long ago.

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