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[SPOILER] One Piece Chapter 931 Spoilers

[SPOILER] One Piece Chapter 931 Spoilers

Source: 5chTranslated by @Masasoite

Law is from the North Blue so he is quite familiar with Raid Suits.
The ability of No.3 Stealth Black is invisibility and it's a power Sanji has always pursued.
Robin is searching for Poneglyph in the castle and was found by agents of Oniwaban (a group of government-employed undercover agents).
Chopper et al found Big Mom lying on the beach but BM has lost her memories.
Momonosuke, Tama, and Kiku found Big Mom together with Chopper.

Page One transforms into Human Beast mode and blows away Sanji, but he suffers no damage due to the Raid Suit. Sanji attacks Page One from above his head who is being off guard thinking he already defeated Sanji. Page One shouts in pain. Scene changes.

A detailed summary from ishuhui

Cover:Nami watch a group of frog dancing in Zeus’ rain

Sanji use the raid suit, it’s a gorgeous transformation. He take off the soba chef kimono and his naked body is surrounded by liquid.

Law: No.3 of the evil army Germa 66!!“ Stealth Black”!!!

Sanji:Why do you know so much!!

Law: In North Blue it’s like common sense.

Sanji:Who cares!! Anyway don’t ever call me that again!!

Law: I am a fan of the protagonist, I dislike Germa

Sanji: Me too!!!

Sanji couldn’t bring himself to accept the name, so he change it to Soba Mask!

Page One was attacked by Sanji with extreme speed, Franky and Usopp were shocked.

Narrator Law explain that the invisibility is due to the suit’s ability to projects the environment on itself.

Sanji(My dream of obtaining the suke suke fruit was now came true using the hateful power of science.How ironic! Female bathhouse—no, this power can be use to help my friends!)

No matter what, Page One is still the user of an ancient zoan, Sanji still could not match him in pure strength and was blown into the ruins.

Sanji: It hurts a little but this suit does have fine endurance.

Page One thought he’s done for, but instead received a heavy blow in the head.

Meanwhile, Robin’s searching for the poneglyph in Orochi’s castle, but she was found by the ninja troop Oniwaban.


The ninja Chopper and Momonosuke, Otama, and Kiki who had been training with swords discovered a washed up woman who was drowning.

Big Mom wakes up: Who...am I?

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