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Page One's Devil Fruit, Ancient Zoan: Spinosaurus #OnePiece

UPDATIFY NETWORK - never makes everyone bored! manga one piece is increasingly interesting to read. In addition to many surprising things in each chapter, we also know about the names of dinosaurs. Hehehe
Page One & X Drake
Talk About dinosaurs, One Piece chapter 929 finally revealed another new Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit user besides X Drake, he was named Page One. Page One is one of Kaido's subordinates, his position as Headliner is like X Drake.

Page One's Devil Fruit, Ancient Zoan: Spinosaurus 

Page One is a user of the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit Dinosaur Model: Spinosaurus who was able to transform himself into a big Spinosaurus like a dinosaur in general.

he can also transform into hybrid mode just like X Drake, which is a half model of Ancient Zoan and Half Man. 

the beginning of its debut as we mentioned above began in One Piece chapter 929, he appeared in the last panel along with X Drake and Hawkins.
One Piece Chapter 929
in this case, one piece 929 chapter has revealed 2 Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Models:
1. X Drake (Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus)
2. Page One (Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Spinosaurus)

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