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One Piece Episode 869: Release Date & Spoilers

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece has become even more exciting lately. yes, of course remembering one piece will soon enter the peak of Luffy's and Katakuri's fight.
One Piece Episode 869: Release Date & Spoilers
Finally Katakuri has started to be serious and doesn't consider Luffy as a weak person and under his level again.

this time Katakuri will fight seriously and with all his might. The actual resistance will soon begin and continue.

Luffy will mobilize all his strength to fight Katakuri, he will develop his strength in episode 869 later. other than that, we also have spoilers for one piece episode 869 that we got from the Manga.

for those of you who are curious about the one piece episode 869, please continue reading!

One Piece Episode 869 Spoilers

* Flashback Luffy *

Luffy flashback while training with Raylight while developing his kenbunshoku.

Luffy had also been hit by Rayleigh using his club which was coated with haki to hold Luffy.

* In the Mirror World: Luffy VS Katakuri *

Luffy closed his eyes and began to see the shadow of the direction of the katakuri attacks. Luffy is able to avoid and deflect it.

he seemed to be able to catch a glimpse of the future like Katakuri. However, still in a number of attacks, the punch attack still hit Luffy.

Katakuri launched the "Grilled Mochi" attack Boxing that contained a small scale fire and it flew towards Luffy and hit it.

Luffy attacks Katakuri, quickly approaches Katakuri and Luffy's punch is hit right on the face of Katakuri's cheek (Great counterattack!)

[Scene changes]

* In the Ocean, Bege and Others *

At 10:10 p.m. - At the sea of ​​Bege the ship leads to Liqueur Island, which is an island where many giant drinks are seen there ~

Meanwhile Big Mom and Prometheus kept chasing them from behind

but Chiffon gave another suggestion, that the ship had to continue sailing far away, so that it still provided a safe distance for Nami and others.

Chiffon proposed to continue sailing towards Puffs Island

[Scene Changes]

* Overview of Mirror World *
Luffy was hit back by Katakuri!

[Scene Changes]

* In the Ocean, Sunny Go Ship*

At 10:50 p.m. - Nami and others were shot from behind by Big Mom's daughter (charlotte smoothie and others) but sunny go boats can avoid it.

* The smoothie grows into a giant, but others worry that if it enlarges more than this then the ship can sink, smoothies look annoyed, especially with Jinbe. she stops enlarging *

Nami gave full direction for this, so Jinbe just had to direct the steering wheel.

[Scene Changes]

* Overview of Mirror World *

Luffy is attacked by katakuri with his legs!

[Scene Changes]

* Sanji, pudding and flying rug *

11:08 PM - Sanji and Pudding fly with their flying rugs to Kakao Island (Cacao).

Sanji thanks to Pudding, and it seemed that pudding melted with the words that Sanji said to her, her cheeks flushed and touched

[Scene Changes]

* Cacao Island *

Everyone is still waiting for someone to come out of the mirror world, whether it's Luffy or Katakuri. they all waited for one of them.

[Scene Changes]

--- Read first ----

maybe it looks like a one piece 869 episode spoiler will end before the gear fourth is revealed. but it might be displayed at the end of episode 869. We don't know. but we'll give you spoilers from 1 chapter of manga (from first page to end page)

if it is not displayed, it means that the below spoiler will enter one piece episode 870. (and we will add more spoilers for one piece episode 870 later)

In the Mirror World : Katakuri VS Luffy

Luffy continues to be beaten up by Katakuri,

12.05 PM - I said, shouting "what's this, Mugiwaraa !! is this the end !?"

Luffy "Yeah right ..."

Luffy "This is the end"

Luffy got up and bit his left hand then blew it (hand coated with haki)

Gear Four: SnakeMan !!

One Piece Episode 869: Release Date

One Piece Episode 868 will be released on January 20, 2019, on Sunday.

Where to watch One Piece Anime Episode 869?

You can watch one piece episode 869 on streaming sites like Funimation, Crunchyroll and other alternative sites.

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