One Piece Episode 868: Release Date, Spoiler, Update - Updatify Network

One Piece Episode 868: Release Date, Spoiler, Update

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Hello Minna! What do you think about yesterday's One Piece Episode? exciting isn't it?
One Piece Episode 868: Release Date, Spoiler, Update
Finally Luffy gradually began to get a glimpse of the future like Katakuri. and in the next Episode, it seems like Luffy and Katakuri's fight will experience a bit of a disturbance by the actions of Charlotte Flampe and his subordinates, but Katakuri certainly won't stay silent.

Anyway, for gear fourth, it looks like it will be around episode 870, 871 and so on, we'll just wait.

and Talk about next episode, here is the information about One Piece Episode 868: Release Date and Spoiler , we start from the spoiler first!

One Piece Episode 868: Spoilers

Luffy gets up, but Charlotte Flampe attacks him from afar with his silencer, Luffy manages to avoid it. even though the attack is not heard at all. but in the end, Luffy fall down!

Charlotte Flampe and her subordinates laughed out loud knowing that, and it's finally discovered by Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri walks towards the place where Charlotte Flampe and her subordinates are hiding

from behind Luffy looks up again ..

when Flampe approaches katakuri hoping to hug Katakuri, Katakuri do something unexpected!

Katakuri stabs his own stomach with his spear! and opens the mouthpiece, and at this time the mouth of the frog really appeared!

Katakuri yells at Flampe for not disturbing Men when dueling! * katakuri looks angry, he shouted in a loud voice! * Flampe is shocked!

Flampe's disappointed with Katakuri's ugly mouth, she spit on Katakuri's face, Flampe's subordinates were initially scared but they laughed because they can't not hold it to see katakuri.

Charlotte Flampe keeps insulting Katakuri, but he's ignoring her and turned around.

Katakuri walks closer to the fight again,

Katakuri and Luffy seems to be releasing Haoshoku Haki at the same time, Katakuri also took off her clothes. * shirtless

Flampe and his subordinates fainted until foaming at the mouth

when the bullies have collapsed, Luffy's and Katakuri's fight starts again!

Katakuri says "I have no longer think that you are below my level" * he begin to get serious

Luffy "Really? Glad to hear it! Thank you! But, I'm the one who will win"

One Piece Episode 868: Release Date

One Piece Episode 868 will be released and aired on January 13, 2019, Sunday. You can watch One Piece Episode 868 on sites like Funimation, Crunchyroll and other alternative sites.

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