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[SPOILER] One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

Quick Summary:

Big Mom Pirates Arrives at Wano Country
Sanji VS Page One
Sanji is going to use his Raid Suits
King ate the Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon

Detailed Summary:

One Piece Chapter 930 titled "Ebisu Town"
Cover: Cracker and Urouge riding Dolphins

Zoro and Yasu Arrives in Ebisu Town. Even though the people there are all very poor, they keep a happy smile on their face every day. Lord Ushimitsu come here often and give them money.

They offer Zoro the clean water that they brought: "Drink, it's gonna cause stomacache"

Yasu: It's because that everyone here have the smile of a god of fortune, that people called it "Ebisu Town"

Kaido got the news that Big Mom is trying to get into Wano by crossing the Carp waterfall

Kaido's outraged and declared that they would be prepared to attack them.

It seems that PM only came with Queen Mama Chanter. You can see Pig Mom, Perospero, Smoothie, Paifuku, Compote, Garrett, Passkarte, Flampe, Mont d'or and some others on the ship. The ship have gaint carps and horse that's pulling it.

Pig Mom Pirates arrived at Wano the same way Luffy's crew arrive,they passed through that ocean with the help from carps. They fired canons at seamounts,while some were destroyed by Oven, Smoothie, and Perospero.

It doesn't seem like Katakuri is there.
When the PM pirates ship was about to arrive at the top of the waterfall, King arrived in dinosaur/dragon form and attack the carps.

King is the user of the ancient dragon-dragon fruit Pteranodon modeLThere's fire around him.

Pig Mom sunk into the sea, the ship never made it to the the top and fall.lProvider of spoilers: you can see Pig Mom sinking, and the ship didn't made it to the top, so they probably fall, the situation of other characters was not shown)

Kaido praised King's attack on the PM pirates.

law, Vsopp, Franky and Sanji are all trying to escape.

Page One is destroying all the soba carts, so Sanji needs to stop him.

law says that even if they're caught they must not say anything about the samurais and the mink tribe.

Sanji give Page One a heavy kick, but he's all fine.

At the end of the chapter, Sanji take out his raid suit, it seems that he's ready to use it

17 pages in total. King and Page One's bounties are not revealed.

More info:
In the cover we can see Uroge and Cracker riding dolphins.

Big Mom Pirates arrives to Wanokuni the same way Luffy did. Yes, Big Mom's with them (and now is Big Mam lot)

However, Big Mom ship fires to the sea peaks (Perospero Smoothie and Daifuku destroy some of them too) and they use carps to navigate through the sea..

We can't see Katakuri, but we see Mont d Or or Flampe.

When Big Mom ship arrives at the peak of the waterfall, King arrive in dinosaur form and shot to the carps.

Big Mom ship can't reach the peak of the waterfall and fall into the sea. We can see Big Mom sinking into the sea.

Kaido celebrates King attack.

Law, Usopp, Franky and Sanji try to escape from the area.

Page One is destroying all Soba stands, so he's going to stop him.

Sanji kicks Page One but he's OK.

At the end of the chapter, Sanji shows the Raid Suit and he wonders if he should use it.

Gambar Spoiler One Piece Chapter 930:

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