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One Piece Chapter 930: Sanji and Zoro Reunited!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece Chapter 930 will arrive soon! Many of the fans expect the battle on one piece chapter 930 later, especially the Sanji & Law fight against X Drake, Page One and Hawkins.
One Piece Chapter 930: Sanji and Zoro Reunited!
But before that, we will tell a little about Zoro's whereabouts. As you have read in chapter 929, Zoro seems to be heading towards the flower capital back with a strange person named Tonoyasu a.k.a Yasu.

Zoro was lost and strayed in a number of previous chapters, and finally he was seen in chapter 929 and it seems he will soon reenter in Wano's main story.

Zoro is shown walking towards to the flower capital, but it looks like he will enter on of leftover towns like Okobore called Ebisu. (the remaining city in front of the Flower Capital)
Leftover Town, Ebisu - Wano Country
On the other hand, Sanji and Law seemed to get a big problem that might not be taken easily.

The arrival of X Drake and Page One was to hunt down and kill the owner of the Soba shop, they did not yet know that it was Sanji.
Sanji dan Law - one piece chapter 929
but if they find Sanji in his Soba shop or meet Sanji on the road they will recognize him and stop him, especially if X Drake and Hawkins are there, he will immediately recognize Sanji.
X Drake, Page One, Hawkins
Not only that, X Drake is also with Pageone and Hawkins, if they find Sanji, there will definitely be a battle in the story later, and of course Law won't stay silent and he'll help Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 930: Sanji and Zoro Reunited!

Sanji and Law VS X Drake, Page One and Hawkins, 2 versus 3, huft !!

if they fight, of course Sanji and Law might be a little pushed because of losing the Amount, moreover the three enemies are not as easy enemies as usual.

and here, one more character is expected to emerge, we really hope Roronoa Zoro will quickly appear in this chapter and help Sanji and Law.

and as usual, the fans must have missed it with Zoro and Sanji's fight, especially when they mocked each other.

other than that, the collaboration between the two of them will definitely be a tremendous breakthrough at Wano.

I think Zoro'll fight Page One
Sanji VS X Drake
and Law VS Hawkins.
Zoro, Law, Sanji
and the resistance finally pushed Zoro, Sanji and Law to wind up in the war later ~

So many theories and our predictions about One Piece Chapter 930, if you have other opinions, please reveal in the comments column below! Thanks! ;)

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