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Fantastic Four will be present in the Spider-Man Game?

UPDATIFY NETWORK - In the morning, Marvel did livestream to celebrate the Fantastic Four weekend. 
Fantastic Four will be present in the Spider-Man Game?
On the livestream, Marvel Boss, Ryan Penagos announced that "something Fantastic" will be present in the PS4 Spider-Man game. Not long after Marvel Games made a tweet about this announcement, Insomniac Games as the game developer also joined in making hot fans by retweeting the message with eye emojis.Wow, what about the update that will get the PS4 Spider-Man game? Some fans suspect that the update is in the form of a new costume for this game. The problem is, there are two costumes used by Spider-Man who take the Fantastic Four theme, Future Foundation and Bombastic Bag Man.

Future Foundation costumes have been used by Spider-Man when becoming a member of an organization formed by Mister Fantastic. While the Bombastic Bag Man costume was used when Peter Parker handed over his symbiotic costume to Reed Richards. Oops, I hope the fans of the PS4 Spider-Man game will get both.

n addition to the three costumes in the paid PS4 Spider-Man game, Insomniac Games once gave a free version of the Sam-Raimi Spider-Man costume to fans of this game. Hopefully this "fantastic" update is also free for fans.

Even so, it does not rule out the possibility that the update provided by Insomniac Games comes in another form. It could be that there will be a new DLC featuring Johnny Storm (Human Torch), one of Spider-Man's closest friends. This is possible because the epicodic DLC of the game called The City That Never Sleeps will end soon.

Do you have another opinion about this "fantastic" update? Feel free to give your comments below. Also make sure you check the site! Kincir will report back about the Spider-Man PS4 game update as soon as it was announced.

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