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Ancient Zoan: Allosaurus - X Drake's Devil Fruit Revealed!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Hi, friends! How are you? Hopefully all of you are fine and healthy as always! In this post, we will discuss about X Drake and his Devil fruit.
Ancient Zoan: Allosaurus - X Drake's Devil Fruit Revealed!
X Drake (pronounced "Diez Drake") also known as "Red Flag" is a former marine admiral who later became a pirate and captain of the Drake Pirates.

He and his crew came from North Blue. He is one of twelve pirates called the "Worst Generation", and before the two years timeskip, his bounty 222,000,000 Berry

At present, he and his crew are affiliated with Beasts Pirates, a pirate crew led by Kaido, one of the Yonko. X Drake is positioned as one of the crew headliners.

X Drake Devil Fruit - Ancient Zoan: Allosaurus

Through the One Piece chapter 929 which came out yesterday, we now finally know about X Drake's devil fruit. This X Drake devil fruit is known as Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus.
X Drake - Ancient Zoan Model Dinosaurus: Allosaurus
We initially thought that his devil fruit was a T-Rex, but it didn't seem like a T-Rex considering the spoilers that said that his devil fruit was Ancient Zoan: Allosaurus. in One Piece chapter 929, he was also displayed along with other dinosaurs namely Spinosaurus (Page One).

Difference between Allosaurus and T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus)

Maybe there are still some who are confused about the differences between Allosaurus and T-Rex, here we are a little devoted:
Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus aka Allosaurus and T. Rex are among the most famous carnivorous dinosaurs in popular culture. Allosaurus lived in the late Jurassic period, 150-155 million years ago. Both are bipedal dinosaurs but T. Rex is bigger and significantly heavier.

Well, so in this case, X Drake's Dinasaurus Allosaurus mode should be smaller than T-Rex dinosaurs.

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