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Spoiler One Piece Chapter 928: Courtesan Komurasaki’s Debut

spoiler one piece chapter 928

Quick Summary

From Redon:

Little summary, more in a few minutes 

- In the cover, Franky is in a stage play.s.
- Raizou is with Luffy in prison, he's trying to get the keys of Kairoseki's handcuffs.
- Caribou appears, he says Kid lost his arm becouse of Big Mom's subordinates. 
- Kid appears and says he lost his arm becouse of Red Hair Pirates before incident with Big Mom.
- 3 guys try to attack Komurasaki in the street, but her bodyguard defeats them easily.
- There's a flachback with Komurasaki and Kyoushirou where we can see how they swindled one of the man tried to attack her in the street.
- At the end of the chapter we can see Momonosuke training and talking with Tama.

Detailed Summary

From EtenBoby.

One Piece Chapter 928: Courtesan komurasaki’s debut

- At the Mine - 

After yesterday’s incident, the old man is very grateful, but Luffy said it’s nothing and give him some tickets.Raizou appears.

Raizou: I’ve found the keys of the handcuffs, but the guards are not letting their guards down and it’s in a box made out of sea stone. I will think of something so please wait a little longer.

*He disappeared

Caribou:If u give me some as well,I’ll become your subordinate. Oh, you are going to break out right? Bring me with you, will you?

Luffy: No,ask kid for some tickets

Caribou:No, rumors saids that he’s not that big of a deal, challenging BM and got his arm taken.

Kid throws a scythe at him: Lies! I just fought with one her sweet general and take something that doesn’t belong to her, also my arm’s taken by the red hair pirates! And now I am going to defeat kaido.

Luffy: It’s me who’s going to defeat kaido!

-Flower Capital -

Komurasaki’s very beautiful , with high heels, Sanji eyes appeared to be heart shaped.
3 Old men: we are gonna kill that girl! We’ll bring her with us if we’re going to died! But they get defeated by the guards.

The old mans had loved komurasaki deeply, who kept crying: oh poor me, I am going to stay in this place forever.

They all decided to redeem her, and sold all their belongings, and became very poor. They thought komurasaki will lived a happy life with him.

But it’s all a lie, and komurasaki’s not alone, she’s got a partner, kyoshiro

-Amigasa village -

O-tama asked momosuke, who’s practicing with sword: u really have a little sister? Is she alive?

Momosuke:Hiyori should be 26 by now, she must be alive, I’ve heard news about mother’s death, but none about her, so she must be alive.

O-tama: it would nice if you two were to meet again

Momosuke: No, if we do,she might be targeted by orochi, I am not going to see her before our victory

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