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Shonen Jump Releases Online Platform, Give Manga Free Access Legally

UPDATIFY NETWORK - The war between legal and illegal scanners is increasingly heating up. Policies from Japan that are increasingly heated and tight do not seem to stem the hard work of the pirates who upload manga illegally through online platforms. In an effort to stem piracy efforts, Shonen Jump released a new online platform where you can read manga on the same day after release with free
Shonen Jump
This new service, which is named the same, Shonen Jump, will be launched on December 17. This service will continue to make manga content available on the same day after the manga was released in Japan, complete with translations in English. Not only reading manga on the same day, you can also reread the last three chapters for free.

For those of you who want to get direct access to previous chapter manga-manga, you can pay $ 1.99 for a monthly subscription. Not only access to the previous chapter, you can also get access to other Shonen Jump manga that have finished like Death Note and others

This effort is clearly done to turn off piracy which is getting faster and faster in presenting manga content from Shonen Jump. With the various benefits provided by this online platform, it is clear that supporting the mangaka by reading legal comics will be easier. This online platform will be available for Android and iOS starting on December 17th.

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