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Revolutionary Army Logo Revealed! - One Piece!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Recently, Vivre Card Databook One Piece is increasingly popular among One Piece fans.
Revolutionary Army Logo Revealed! - One Piece!
and on the Vivre Card DataBook for January 2019, especially at Vivre Card Databook Koala - 0747, finally revealed about the Logo of Revolutionary Army.
Vivre Card Databook Koala (0747)
You can see in the bottom right corner of Vivre Card Databook Koala above,
Revolutionary Army Logo - One Piece
well, on the lower right corner you will see a logo that says "R.A" which stands for "Revolutionary Army".
Revolutionary Army Logo

besides the initials R and A, you can also see the Winged Dragon and Fire Logo that refers to their leader, Dragon (Monkey D. Dragon)

In This Case Finally Revealed 2 Important Things About Revolutionary Army:

1. Revolutionary troop logos are winged dragons that emit fire and have the initials two words "R" and "A" on the Logo.
2. Their ship has dragon decoration (shenlong dragon), their ship named Cyclone.
from those two important things, maybe we should also be suspicious of what devil fruit Dragon has.

does the Dragon logo on revolutionary army and the decoration of ships with dragon ornaments on revolutionary army ship only refer to the name Dragon which means dragon?

or does it not only refer to Dragon's name but indeed it is a Clue (leak / code) that Oda deliberately gave to make us think that Dragon is a user of Devil fruit fruit Mythical Zoan: Dragon?

obviously we don't know yet.

let's wait for the next clue, while enjoying the chapters that have been released!

Source: Chapteria & Vivre Card Databook January 2019

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