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One Piece Volume 92: Release Date, SBS & Update!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Hello guys! I have a new information about One Piece Volume 92 from trusted source.
one piece volume 92
as we know, we have one piece volume 91 on 4th December, 2018. and we got the leaked SBS on 3rd December 2018. but, today we will get new one piece volume 92 soon! 

below the information about release Date One Piece Volume 92:

One Piece Volume 92: Release Date

One Piece Volume 92 officially release on 4 March 2019 in Japan. + One Piece Party 5 !!

One Piece Volume 92: Leaked for the new SBS

Leaked SBS will come out on 2-3 March 2019. we'll get this earlier! 


One Piece Party is manga spin off of One Piece, written and drawn by Ei Ando.
The genre more focused for comedy. at next March, One Piece Party vol 5 will release at the same time with Vol 92 in Japan.

Vol 92 begins from Chapter 922

922 : Beasts Pirates General: Kaido
923 : Yonko Kaido vs Luffy
924 : Ha
925 : Blank
926 : The Prisoner Mine

927 : O-Toko the Kamuro


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