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One Piece Film: Stampede (2019): Release Date and Update!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece finally began to mention the movie / film again. and recently One Piece finally announced the title and release date of the film.
one piece stampede
Things that have been waiting for the fans finally arrived, and of course this will be very interesting considering that One Piece is a favorite anime of millions of people around the world.
many hope that this One Piece film Stampede includes their new characters like Jinbe and Vivi, and many fans also hope that Rocks are also displayed here. however, we don't know this yet. but, for the title as stated, this 2019 one piece movie title is titled "Stampede" along with info on the release date:

One Piece Film: Stampede: Release Date

One Piece Film Stampede will be released on Friday, August 9, 2019 in Japanese theaters, and after that will follow in western cinemas.

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