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One Piece Episode 868 and 869 Will Be Released Together ?!

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Anime One Piece is getting closer to the peak of the story arc, and as fans previously speculated, this anime might indeed get a special hour! this has been proven by many well-known sites that discuss it such as comicbook, otakukart and econotimes.
Luffy Vs Katakuri
Wow! all must be hyped for this if it's true we will get a double episode. From what we know so far, One Piece Episode 868 and Episode 869 will be one that will be part of this special thing in December.

As we all know, Episode 864 was postponed because of the special Super Dragon Ball, so this is the best way instead. Luffy and Katakuri's fight has now entered a stage that is quite tense. Luffy has begun to get the power to look into the future.

Meanwhile, Katakuri began to see potential in Luffy, and he recognized that potential. and at the opening for the anime it is also quite tempting to show the new Gear Fourth form, and we believe, this will be the perfect stage for Luffy to reveal his new form.

All things considered here, this is probably the best one One has seen, and we are very excited because some of the best Toei animators will do this specifically.

Staff details are unclear, but hopefully, we will get the info soon when we get closer to One Piece Episode 868.

The release schedule will update later on next article when we get more specific info about this.

Canceled, Read here: One Piece Episode 868 & 869: Release Date & Double Episode Canceled!

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