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One Piece Episode 864: Release Date & Spoilers "Big Mom VS Jinbe!"

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Whole Cake Island Arc finally gets to the stage where we see the thin Big Mom form. At the end of Episode 863, we are shown Big Mom is already in Sunny Go with his incredible anger and hunger.
One Piece Episode 864: Spoiler dan Tanggal Rilis
So, this made everyone on the ship is suprised about this. on the other hand, Luffy fought Katakuri, in the mirror world, he tried to develop his kenbunshoku by fighting Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 864 becomes the most important episode because we have to witness Luffy's new strength and resistance to the Straw hat crew against Big Mom. In this article, we will also share the One Piece Episode 864: Release Date & Spoilers.

One Piece Episode 864: Spoiler

- Big mom was starving, with her frightening mode, she's looking for cake on sunny ship and damaged some of the decorating parts of the ship

- Jinbe Shouts "There's no cake in this ship!"

- Jinbe uses shark skin moves + Busoshoku Haki to hold Napoleon's sword slash by Big Mom

- Perospero is surprised to know that Jinbe is able to hold Big Mom Attacks!

- however, jinbe cannot hold it for long and it bounces into the sea

- Nami shouted "Stop it, Big Mom!"

- Carrot is asleep in the room, seems like he is exhausted

- Nami and the chopper are attacked by big mom using his Napoleon sword, but they can avoid it

- Again, the slash hit the Sunny Go ship, Other damage also occurred

- Nami was attacked by a big mom again with her hand, Chopper managed to hold her back with Guard Point

- From the sea, Jinbe uses the "Sea Current Lifter" style and directs the sea water to the Sunny Go Ship. The whole boat was wet with sea water, big mom was soaking wet

- Jinbe uses the secret technique of fish human karate, and hits big mom with "Vaga Bon Drill" (in his hand there is round sea water) which makes the big mom bounce off the Sunny Go ship, but unfortunately there is more damage to the ship's fence.

- Zeus managed to catch a big mom who almost bounced into the sea

- Napoleon's sword extends, Big Mom intends to slash Sunny Go into Two Parts

- Nami tries to lure Zeus with small lightning clouds, Zeus looks happy, but it doesn't seem to work.

- Brook uses the "Three Verse Humming Soul Arrow" "Noth Slash", Zeus splits in half by Brook's sword incision

- then after that big mom accidentally struck by Zeus's lightning, after that Zeus shrank and big mom bounced and was saved by prometheus

- Nami holds a small Zeus, and a few sweet words of threat to Zeus hahahahaha

One Piece Episode 864: Release Date

One Piece Episode 864 would be released on Sunday as usual, more precisely on December 9, 2018. you can stream on official site such as Funanimation, Crunchyroll, etc.

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