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[SPOILER] One Piece Chapter 929 Spoilers! "Shogun Kurozumi Orochi"

Luffy & Zoro | Image Source: Amanomoon

Quick Summary:

According to 5ch:

Drake's devil fruit is based on allosaurus and Page One's devil fruit is on spinosaurus

By Redon AP

Color Spread: Ninja version of Mugiwara crew.

CP0 appears talking with Orochi.

X-Drake (in hybrid form) and Pageone (Lizard Smile user) appears at the end of the chapter with Hawkins.

Translation thanks to EtenBoy from Reddit 

Chapter 929: shogun kurozumi Orochi

The craftsman,that Franky work for,remember that he have sold the blueprint of Kaido’s house 10 years ago. Franky decided to leave.

They went to the pawn shop asking people, and learned that the blueprint is currently in Kuri, and asked kinemon for future plan.

Inuarashi and his musketeer squad stole a lot of food from kaido’s subordinates, and left a note saying “ head mountain bandits shutenmaru”

There’s a man flattering Zoro, and follow Zoro to the flower capital.

Orochi castle: CP0 ‘s secret meeting with Orochi

Now that Doffy’s gone, the government can make direct deals with the shogun

Orochi want the warships and even Vegapunk.

Since he have Kaido as his support, CP0 can’t be mad at his arrogant requests.

The feast begins, Orochi have a big face and a 八 shape mustache, surrounded by courtesans.

Citizens running around in the streets of flower capital, saying that kaido’s subordinates are here to kill the owner of the soba cart.

Sanji and law are about to face——2 dinosaur df users, one of them being Drake, the other pageone.

Hawkins is here as well.

Drake: why are you here, Hawkins?

Hawkins: I am after someone

From Jump Festa '19 (Official from Oda):

We can see Zoro's walking by holding a bottle of sake with someone who is quite mysterious beside him (whose name has not been revealed because of being blended)

The person has toothless teeth, black round eyes, curly hair and his head is covered with a veil, but shows his whole face. he also seemed to carry luggage. he smiled broadly to meet zoro.

from SPManga1

The thief tells Zoro that he is glad that he doesn't need to worry about food anymore probably because Zoro is strong.

Zoro tells him to shut up for a while. the thief keeps laughing and replied to Zoro it is harsh to tell him to shut up.

The thief calls Zoro a lady-killer tells him that girls will not leave such a young master alone

One Piece will have a Cover spread and a Cover in Jump 6/7

One Piece Chapter 929 Image Spoilers:

zoro and ??

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