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One Piece Chapter 929: Orochi Meets CP0

UPDATIFY NETWORK - The extra spoiler leaked out unexpectedly yesterday on December 28, 2018, besides that the spoiler also revealed unexpected things, one of which was the emergence of the Orochi with CP0. they held a Secret meeting.
One Piece Chapter 929: Orochi Meets CP0
Somehow Orochi can meet CP0, but in reality this is what happened. the two of them had time to chat in the Orochi castle.

Orochi spoke with 3 CP0, and 2 of them had appeared in Dressrosa. Orochi also shot one of them, but he/she was fine. The current CP0 is probably quite strong.

not only chatting casually, Orochi apparently also asked for a Warship and even he asked Vegapunk, really a crazy request.

in this case CP0 cannot be angry with crazy requests and his arrogance because he has Kaido as his support. It can also mean that the power of CP0 is also not comparable to Kaido and the entire Beast Pirates Crew.

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