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One Piece Chapter 928: Release Date (Spoiler, Scans, Official Release)

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Yesterday, One Piece chapter 927 came out with a page that was quite a bit. although a little, the story turns out to be still interesting, from Sanji and Franky to beat Kyoshiro's Subordinates, the introduction of new characters and show a glimpse of the silhouette of Orochi, the Shogun of Wano Country.
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Of course for Chapter 928 it will not be less interesting as the previous chapter, considering Oda always gives its surprises, I think Chapter 928 will be an extraordinary chapter.

Here we are informed about the release schedule of spoilers, manga scans and official releases.

One Piece Chapter 928: Spoiler

One Piece chapter 928 Spoilers would be come out on Wednesday or Thurstday. (19-20 December 2018)

One Piece Chapter 928: Manga Scans

The manga scans version of the One Piece chapter 928 will come out on Friday as usual, or rather on December 21, 2018. Usually it will be available on alternative sites like Jaiminibox, Mangaku, Mangachan and others.

One Piece Chapter 928: Official Release

Manga One Piece Chapter 928 will be officially released on Monday, December 24, 2018. It will usually be available on Viz.

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