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One Piece Chapter 928: O-Toko, Who is She?

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Hello Minna! this time we will discuss about the Character named O-Toko! she is a new character, so let's discuss it!
O-Toko One Piece
O-Toko is a new character that appears in chapter 927, she is portrayed as a strange little girl who always laughs even when she is sad. Besides that, she also has high humor. Evidently she was able to make Sanji, Franky, Usopp and Robin laughing out loud.

Now O-Toko works as one of a kamuro for a famous oiran in the wano named Komurasaki.

From its appearance, this O-Toko at a glance reminds us of an old character named Sentomaru. Sentomaru was a marine woman who had met Luffy in Marineford and sabaody.

Approximately, does O-Toko have blood relations with Sentomaru? We still don't know about it.

They both have a little unique resemblance, and the most striking is her hair. but despite all that, they are also two different individuals.

Now O-Toko is accompanying Komurasaki, Komurasaki is going to Orochi's place in the near future, and geisha O-robi will also be there. Of course, Sangoro, Usohachi, and Franosuke will also accompany even though they don't enter the Orochi banquet.

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