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"O-Tama" Character's Official Color Scheme (CONFIRMED!)

UPDATIFY NETWORK - One Piece finally released the latest volume manga / comic One piece volume 91.
O-tama One Piece | Fanart by Amanomoon
One Piece Volume 91 consists of chapters 911 to 921. What is interesting here, we can see all the characters from the straw hat pirate group and O-Tama.

Very unique, we think Holdem, speed, tenguyama will be displayed on the cover later, apparently not! What is shown is only the character of the straw hat pirates and O-sama

O-Tama Character's Official Color Scheme

In Cover one piece volume 91, we can see the official "Canon" color scheme of each character, and of course the colors are chosen by Oda.
one piece volume 91
But, here, we only want to focus on the official color scheme for the "O-Tama" character, so you can see for other characters by yourself.
O-tama - One Piece
O-Tama character is confirmed! She has purple hair, she also wears a dominant colored green on her kimono with many other hues such as orange, purple, navy blue and white. and on the cover she looks smiling and is holding an apple between his hands.

Now that's it, finally we can know the official color scheme of the O-Tama character,

the color is likely to be used and applied in the Anime if there are no changes, so just wait!

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