Morley Devil Fruit Names from Revolutionary Army Revealed !! (CONFIRMED!) - Updatify Network

Morley Devil Fruit Names from Revolutionary Army Revealed !! (CONFIRMED!)

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Morley is a giant okama and one of the commanders of the West Army of the Revolutionary Army.
Morley's Devil Fruit name Revealed
Morley is a very hairy and fat giant. He had a Fu Manchu mustache and a hairy chinstrap beard. He wore very little clothes, wearing only a short plaid skirt beside a belt around his arm, a flower symbol on his left arm, dark gloves, a dark bowler hat with frilly glasses on it, and weapons. Belo Betty described it as a "giant potato".

Morley Devil Fruit - One Piece

recently, SBS One Piece Volume 91 has revealed the name of Morley's Devil Fruit. Morley's devil fruit named "Oshi Oshi No Mi"

the ability of the Oshi Oshi no Mi devil is to allow users to push solid objects such as land (which have been revealed)

It seems that this Paramecia-type Devil Fruit is also quite strong, this devil fruit makes it easy for users to move underground by pushing it and widening the space on the ground.

even on SBS one piece volume 91 revealed that Morley was the one who made the first time Newkama Land with the abilities of his devil fruit, he also made the space at Impel Down. 100 years ago he was used as a tool by cruel pirates. he had also been involved in a certain incident, and somehow finally he could now join with the revolutionary army.

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