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Is Kaido Prickly Pride Made of Sea Stone?

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Kaido had defeated Luffy only once with his spiked bludgeon. Luffy's defeat was increasingly revealed in Chapter 924.
Kaido - One Piece (colored by fanart)
Luffy looks dying and helpless, even though it's only one hit ...

roughly, did Kaido use Haki on his bludgeon like a swordsman like Zoro used haki on his sword?

hmmm ... what is clear is that this hasn't been revealed yet, dimanga doesn't seem too clear about this ..

However, there is another theory that says that the Kaido prickly Pentungan is made of Sea Stone.

Is Kaido Prickly Pride Made of Sea Stone?

it might happen, considering they were in Wano,

namely the place where sea stones originated and made in the form of weapons in such a way,

even in Wano, the sea stone craftsmen are able to make handicrafts of the sea to their smallest form,

just an example of a sea stone nail used by Hawkins and his men in chapter 924.

But, if Kaido is also a user of Devil Fruit, should he also weaken because the batons is made of Sea Stone?

yup right!

if the kaido is a devil fruit user, he will be weakened because of the sea stone,

but another story is when the sea stone is located at the end of the alias bat on the thorns on the bludgeon and not on the bludgeon.

if indeed Kaido uses a spiked bludgeon with a tip made of sea stone, that could happen ...

in our opinion the theory makes sense too. in fact we also agree about the theory. if it is not haki, we believe it is due to sea stones.

considering that Luffy just lost with just one striking,

so the possibility of the sea stone neutralizing the power of Luffy's devil fruit,

and the punch from the striking was hit right on Luffy's original body which had temporarily lost the power of the devil fruit because of the sea stone.

moreover, spiked bludgeon are very large, it must be Auto K.O if luffy is hit by an attack from the thorny striking.

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