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Charlotte Galette Devil Fruit Name Revealed! (CONFIRMED!)

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Charlotte Galette was the 18th daughter of the Charlotte Family and served as Minister of Butter Totto Land (バ タ ー 大臣 Batā Daijin?), Which managed Margarine Island. She is the older twin brother of Charlotte Poire. She is also a member of Big Mom Pirates.
Charlotte Galette
Galette is a young woman of average size, with pale skin and shoulder-length fuchsia hair, which has curls at the ends. She has yellow eyes and especially thick eyelashes. She wore a red-violet dress, a dark purple fur coat, magenta gloves, and two horns on her head.

Recently, SBS One Piece Volume 91 has revealed the name of Devil Fruit Charlotte Galette.

Charlotte Galette Devil Fruit Name

In SBS One Piece Volume 91 reveals that the name of Charlotte Galette's Devil Fruit is Bata Bata no Mi (Butter Butter Fruit)
Charlotte Galette
This fruit allows users to make and control the amount of butter that seems unlimited. Although butter usually makes slippery objects, the butter it has made has proven to be very sticky and adhesive when in semi-liquid form, its strength is also able to knock out opponents by wrapping it around their hands or body.

This fruit does not show any special weaknesses other than the weakness of the standard Devil Fruit in general, namely sea stones and sea water.

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