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Boruto Episode 87: Spoiler, Release Date and Update

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Boruto Yesterday's episode was quite interesting to listen to, finally we all knew about Kozuchi's will.
Boruto Episode 87: Spoiler, Release Date and Update
after this, of course there will be many exciting scenes that will occur in the next episode. talk about the next episode, here we tell you about boruto episode 87 spoilers and release date.

Boruto Episode 87: Spoiler

Boruto Episode 87 will be given the title "feel alive". This episode will be released on December 23, 2018. In this episode, we will see when Boruto and Onoki are on their way being intervened by Kakou who is one of my most trusted subordinates.

He will be there to take the Onoki from Boruto. But as we know, Boruto will not give up without facing it. Meanwhile, new users will be introduced to Boruto and that will become Kakou.

It seems that Boruto Uzumaki can't face this strong enemy alone. On the other hand, we will see what Shikadai Nara raised in this episode too. We will see Shikadai Nara hurrying back to Konohagakure to inform Naruto Uzumaki and the others what happened in Iwagakure but the movement will be stopped by other enemies.

So, this episode seems to be far more interesting than episode 86 because there is a bit more development in the story featured in this episode.

Boruto Episode 87: Release Date

Boruto Episode 87 will be released on Sunday, December 23, 2018. You can watch it on your favorite alternative sites.

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