Boruto Episode 86 Leaked: Spoiler, Release Date and Update - Updatify Network

Boruto Episode 86 Leaked: Spoiler, Release Date and Update

UPDATIFY NETWORK - Boruto is starting to reach the end of the story from this arc. chances are, this arc will soon be over soon. This arc is indeed quite interesting even though there are still some stories that are flat and not touching the hearts of fans.
Boruto Episode 86: Spoiler, Release Date and Update
but, it's ok !! Boruto still presents a story from his extraordinary episode. and since we are about to enter episode 86, here we will inform you about the Spoiler, the release date of boruto episode 86.

Boruto Episode 86: Spoiler

Boruto episode 86 will be titled "Kozuchi's will". This episode will focus again on Onoki and Boruto Uzumaki. As the title indicates, Kozuchi will be mentioned in this episode quite a lot.

Kozuchi is a grandson of Onoki who died at the age of 12 years in the war. It seems that the only reason Onoki wants to build an artificial human is that he wants to stop young people from dying when the enemy attacks.

In this episode, we will see Boruto and Onoki going to a new place in Iwagakure and Onoki will explain that he is continuing the will of his dead grandson. We will see what Kozuchi really wants and what the next Onoki will do. This doesn't seem to be an exciting episode but the next two are far more awesome.

Boruto Episode 86: Release Date

Boruto Episode 86 will air on Sundays, December 18 2018. You can watch it on your favorite alternative sites.

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